FEC121 Oct 18, 2015

Just once by mp236 here at Caboose Junction South around 4:15AM and did not leave until 4:45AM. Heard the horn to the north, waited to hear the rumbling go by and silence. Then heard some squeaks on the frog, so  jumped out of bed and they were completely stopped, but engines were to the south and could not see them.  I ran to Caboose's room, but he was too busy counting cars, so did not have the heart to wake him since he is now two weeks sick.  About 10 minutes later the started inching forward and yes it was very long. I did make out the billboard, racks, IM, tanks and hoppers. Do not know if something around Wilcox Preseve sent them into emergency or a problem  with the St Lucie holding signal. Just glad it turned out nothing serious.
Anita caboose

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