FEC107 Oct 22, 2015

107 by mp236 at 11:27 with Tim and I dueling lights. Feel so bad for all these fellas tonight. If the trespasser wasn't bad enough north of us, the weather has been ridiculous for this time of year with rain and wind off and on every fifteen minutes or so. Was surprised 222 went ahead and then sat in siding at Gifford for 107 to come south. Trying to type this message and 117 sneaks up before I can flash my light. Guess 222 stayed in the hole at Gifford and I do believe 218 is waiting in Rio to come north. Let me tell you folks, the wind and rain is howling in my window. Had to wipe off the screen so that Tim could see my light. Hope this weather is not following ECH north.  Nite if I can sleep through the whistling wind.
Anita caboose

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