FEC101 Oct 28, 2015

101 with 810, 813 AND 815 by Avenue A in FO at 7:24 just as one of the tour groups
showed up at our train stop for the annual Ghost Tour in downtown historical section of
Fort Pierce.  I brought my sparklers along and lit for Jim and crew, then able to get some
lit for the business cars.
It was a successful evening with the help of Jerry Groothouse, Richard Benjamin, Gerald
Capen, Caboose Mikey and Erin from local historical society portraying the second Mrs.
Henry Flagler.  We had a surprise visit from Jeff and Jacob Smith too.
The 101 coming by with the beautiful business cars simply added icing to the cake.
Our FECRS was well represented and did a fantastic job entertaining 296 visitors, thanks
to the help of Jerry's gorgeous display cases containing his collections of FEC artifacts.
Anita caboose.

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